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Community News: Lawn Care Enrollment is Now Open

What's New:

  • dedicated lawn pro for all services. This is much different from our previous operation of having several different crews.

  • contact your lawn professional directly for any issues that you have, including any extra work you want done. Basic service includes mowing, edging, blowing, and weed eating.

  • Satisfaction: When you submit a dispute for unsatisfactory service, your lawn pro will follow up to correct the issue the same or next day. All emergency issues will be handled the same day.

Registration is now OPEN: New lawn care registration is now open. Service will begin the week of March 10th.  If you prefer to start before March 10th please let us know.

Dear Community Residents,


Enrollment in our Community Lawn Care Program has started. This program will significantly reduce the costs of lawn care to only $15 per service once 100% enrollment is complete. Currently, most of you will receive service at $17 per service which is a discount of more than 50% when compared to other lawn professionals.

If you have received a memo, flyer, email, or text please be sure to enroll before the 3 day registration period. Until all homes are registered, the price is $17 per service($34 a month for the bi-weekly plan or $68 a month for the weekly plan) . The price will be reduced to $15 per service once we reach 100% enrollment. All homeowners are being asked to sign up for lawn care as soon as possible. Sign Up For Lawn Care


Learn about OUR VIP Program for All Clients. No Extra Cost Involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the benefits of our services?


You will  pay the lowest rate for services available in the city. In most cases you’ll save 50% or more on all services.
Pricing Policy: As part of our pricing policy, we guarantee to provide the lowest price on any service. If you find a better price on any service let us know and we will beat that price, guaranteed. Simply Contact Us by Clicking Here or calling 407-901-2423 and we will beat the price quote you were provided.

Service Guarantee: If for any reason you are unhappy with the service provided we will issue a full refund if we are unable to resolve the issue within 24hrs. Simply Contact Us by
Clicking Here or calling 407-901-2423.

What if I prefer to maintain my lawn instead of using the National HOA?

This program really requires 100% enrollment in order for the community to qualify for the $15 pricing. Otherwise, pricing will remain at our base 50% savings. Please contact us to discuss options or we can be present at your next board meeting to address any concerns if there are any.


What if I’m not happy with the lawn service?

If you are ever unhappy we will schedule an appointment to walk through any issues. The lawn provider assigned to your community will be available full-time in your community/neighborhood and will do everything to ensure you are happy. 

Do you have a pricing policy or guarantee?

Our Pricing Guarantee: All services are guaranteed to be provided at the lowest price when compared to other service providers. As part of our policy and continued funding, we must be able to provide you with services at the best prices in town. If you ever find a better quote, please provide us with a copy of your quote and we will ensure you get a better price which also includes our service guarantee.

Do you have a service guarantee?

Our Service Guarantee: We guarantee each homeowner high quality and professional services upon each visit.  Our team will return within 24hours to correct any issue. If for any reason you are still unhappy you will not be required to pay for the services provided if the issue is related to quality or poor workmanship.

Does the National HOA  carry an insurance policy?

Yes. Our selected management company carries a $300,000 policy which covers all services provided. View Copy of Insurance Policy

What happens if I want to cancel?

There is no contract so you can cancel at anytime. Residents will be notified that the price of lawn service will no longer be $15 per service due to falling below 100%.

How do I sign up?

Go to www.NationalHOA.org to enroll. 

What if I already have a lawn service company?
Our goal is to have one lawn company for the entire community. If you are already in a contractual agreement please let us know and we will notify the lawn company of the NHOAs new requirement. This will ensure you are not penalized by your previous company. We will also reach out to your previous company to determine if they would like to become one of our service providers for your area in the future or during emergency situations.

If you are servicing your own lawn, we can offer to handle your shrubbery and spraying of weeds instead. This will allow you to continue servicing your own lawn. You will also need to sign an agreement to continue the upkeep of your home as this can effect the community's property value.

How many homes do you currently service?

We service almost 2,000 happy clients. This number is expected to continuously increase as a result of us working with community managers. 

Can you also help lower our HOA fees?

Yes. Please have your HOA President give us a call to discuss lowering your payment.


Still have questions? More answers to frequently asked questions can be found by clicking here.


Upcoming News

VIP Lawn Care: With the assistance of robotics, our Lawn Crews will be able to provide VIP service to each client. Learn more.

Yearly Pressure Cleaning:  Pressure cleaning of all homes will be done from November 1st - April 1st. Notifications will be going out soon.

Palm/Tree Service Schedule: Please be sure to register for scheduled tree service. You'll be able to schedule service every 3, 6, or 12 months. More information will be provided soon.

Report a Home

If there is a home in your community that is not being properly maintained please report it by calling 407-901-2423 and we will take action right away. We will first contact the homeowner directly as well as your local HOA to resolve this matter. If required, we will provide our services free of charge in the event that the homeowner is having financial issues. Our goal is to ensure that unsightly homes within the community do not effect the value of your home due to abandonment or improper upkeep.

Note: This service only applies to communities that have a minimum of 80%  homeowners receiving lawn care services through BW Property Management, our selected home services management company. Please call 407-901-2423 if you would like to ensure 80% of homes are registered.

Service Guarantee

We guarantee each homeowner high quality and professional services upon each visit.  Our team will return within 24hours to correct any issue. If for any reason you are still unhappy you will not be required to pay for the services provided if the issue is related to quality or poor workmanship. Please call 407-901-2423 to report your issue.

All services are also backed by the insurance policy of BW Property Management.

View Copy of Insurance Policy

Become a Community Manager

We are looking for 2-3 Community Managers(CM) for each community. Each Community Manager will receive free lawn care services, plus other free services. CMs will be responsible for ensuring that their community obtains or reaches 80% registration. Each CM will also be compensated monthly in the amount of $300-700 monthly depending on the registrations in the community.

To become a community manager click here or call 407-901-2423.

About the National HOA

The National Homeowners Association (NHOA) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing savings homeowners through our grants and other funding sources. The NHOA was established in 2008 and has become the primary source for homeowners to receive low cost services in all the communities we serve.

The National Homeowners Association is managed by BW Property Management Group.

Invite Us to Your Board Meeting
Invite us to your next board meeting to learn how we can save you and other homeowners money while also increasing the value and appeal of your community. All presentations will last approximately 20 minutes with a follow-up Q&A session. Call 407-901-2423 to schedule us.

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