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HOA Property Maintenance Plan
$35 per month
You Save: $1700 a year
includes weed control, tree/shrub trimming, pest control, pressure cleaning, sprinkler repairs, property inspections, and other minor fixes.
Note: Lawn care service(lawn cutting) is separate from this plan.

Latest News: We are now negotiating with Home Depot to add lawn fertilization at no additional cost

Your Assigned Property Manager & Inspector:

Solomon Williams
407-579-7302 (cell)

Program Start Date: January/February 2023
Your first monthly payment of $35 will take place AFTER our first visit.

Community Residents,

HOAs are now strictly enforcing fines and issuing violations to residents due to improper upkeep of homes in the community. Most violations stem from pressure cleaning services being required or weeds in the cracks of your driveway and flowerbeds.

After speaking with several HOA Presidents and Community Managers, we are now introducing a new plan that will prevent you from receiving these HOA violations while also saving you 75% on services you may already be paying for. Our property maintenance plan includes the following:  

Weed Control: Spraying and maintenance of flower beds and driveway cracks for weeds and unwanted grass. Value: $180 per year

Tree and Shrub trimming. A property manager will manage and schedule tree and shrub trimming as needed without you needing to make a request. Note: A very small fee($5-10) may be required in some cases when tree and shrub trimming service is done. Value: $150-400 per year

Pest Control. We will spray the perimeter of your home for all common household bugs. This is done every 8 weeks. Value: $500 per year

Pressure Cleaning: Home, driveway, and sidewalk. This is done 2-3 times a year as part of your maintenance plan. Value: $400-600 per year

Property Inspections & Maintenance Schedule
Property inspections take place every 4-6 weeks. Maintenance services and free minor repairs will immediately follow.
Reports will be sent to homeowners by text and email.

Other Services

A property manager will negotiate other low cost services for your home as needed so you don’t have to waste valuable time doing so. Our negotiations include our best price guarantee. Savings typically range from  25-50% below market rate.

You Pay Only $35 a month -or- $420 a year

Activate Your Plan
*Requires a 12-month subscription agreement.

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