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VIP Lawn Service
with the Assistance of Robotics & Lawn Crews is Now Available

Congratulations to our BW Family! Today we are  super proud to announce our VIP Lawn Service which will change the community for the better over the next 20+ years.

We are now rolling out our very first robotic mowers which will include added assistance from our lawn crews to give the finishing touches every lawn needs. Some of the immediate benefits of this program include ALWAYS having your lawn look freshly cut EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's also much healthier for your lawn, no downtime due to rain/hurricanes, and this VIP service is provided at absolutely no extra monthly costs. The mowers are quiet, electric, and will be programmed to cut your lawn as you sleep.

This program is  valued at $200 a month based on the market rate but you will continue to pay the same low price you've always paid.


  • Keeping Your Lawn Maintained 100% of the time.

  • No more lawn shavings on your property.

  • A much healthier lawn.

  • Extremely safe for those with kids or dogs. It couldn't even hurt an apple. Watch video below.

  • Our team will continue to provide edging and extra services(VIP) *****

  • All equipment is maintained by us at no cost to you.

  • NO DELAYS due to rain, tornadoes, and hurricanes

  • This is the future of high end lawn care and you get it at an 85% discount through our non-profit initiative!


Be sure to watch the video below to see some of these benefits explained.


This program will be rolled out to homes that have 3-5 homes located directly next to each other. Each mower will be designed to cut up to 5 properties that are directly next to each other. A minimum of 3 homes per mower. We plan to roll out our very first group of robotic mowers in June.

This program is not available to single homes at the time. We will be working with your neighbors to make the program available to your home in the very near future. You may also encourage them to sign up using the link at the bottom of this page.


Video Demo: Watch this video to see how robotic mowers work. This is a great demonstration of how safe they are and how it is better for your lawn. It also discusses how the install works.

What's Next:
We will be contacting the homes that are already eligible for this program to discuss our roll-out plan. For others that are interested but do not qualify, We strongly suggest that you speak with your neighbors to have them join our lawn program. The VIP Lawn Service Program will be rolled out based on the order in which clusters of homes are registered.

If you are not a lawn service client
Click Here To Join.

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