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The YouthNBA Experience
Sponsor: BW Property Management

What We Do:

  • High-Profile Tournaments

  • Summer Camps

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What's Next:

  • YouthNBA Apparel

  • Player Profiles

  • Scholarship Opportunities

Tournament Registration is Now Open
June 14-16th
Aug. 9-11th
Nov. 8-10th

Orlando, Fl

$1,000 Scholarship Giveaway Every Tournament

November 2018 Scholarship Recipient:
Cameron Bryant


Scholarship Selection Rules

Step 1) Using our mobile app, each attendee will be allowed to vote throughout the tournament for the players they think should be the tournament MVP. Attendees are allowed to vote as many times as they like but will only be allowed to vote for the same person once.

Step 2) The player with the most votes that also wins the championship in their division will be considered a runner-up for the $1,000 scholarship.

Step 3) We will bring all the division winners together at the end of the tournament and announce the scholarship winner based on the number of votes accumulated.

Our mobile app will be available for download at the tournament. There will be a booth setup with instructions, if needed.

Tournament Registration is Now Open

For questions about this tournament please call/text Victor Rodriguez at 407-556-4976.


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