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Your Support Matters

Help me continue to provide our services to others just like you.
In 2008 I decided I would do everything I can to help each of you save atleast 50% on home services. In order to do so it has required me to continue working a full-time day job while also working another 30-40hrs a week managing BW. The good news is I love what I do! And the bad news is I love what I do :) For me that means I will do what I love even if no pay is involved.
If you have saved more than $250 or more using our services please consider leaving a donation for our company. 100% of your donation goes directly to me slowly positioning myself to be a full-time worker for just one company, BW. This also allows me to continue hiring great service professionals and negotiating outstanding rates for you and your neighbors. 100% of my earnings is based on your tips and donations so anything you provide means a lot to me I'm planning to print out each name on a special recognition plaque as this will be my first step towards reaching my personal goal.
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