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Become A Service Broker

Earn great pay managing services for our clients
Job Requirements:
Service Brokers(SBs) are required to have great communication skills and the ability to work well with others. SBs are passionate about connecting homeowners with the best subcontractors.
Job Description:
Service Brokers(SBs) are good at negotiating great rates with sub-contractors while also ensuring the overall happiness of each client. SBs act as the middleman and chief negotiator between the homeowner and subcontractor. SBs will generally markup the price of each service so that they are able to earn revenue on the sell of each service.
Pay and Hours:
Service Brokers(SBs) have unlimited earnings potential. SBs will generally start out in this position part-time or in their spare time and gradually grow into this being a full-time highly compensated position. After 12-18 months SBs generally earn an addition $25k a month working less than part-time or $40-60k working full-time.
How to Apply:
Good luck and we look forward to having you join our team!

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