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Message to Homeowners

June 14th, 2017

Rain Delays and Credits

Most Central Florida homes have experienced lawn service delays as a result of the constant rain over the past few weeks. As a result thousands of homes, community public areas, and HOA managed communities all across Central Florida experienced overgrowth. This has caused much frustration for all of us as no one comes out on top when this happens. For lawn services professionals, this makes our job much harder as it will require more time to service your home on our next visit due to overgrowth, more wear and tear of equipment/blades, and other related issues that become extremely costly.

Being that you are a subscribing customer of BW lawn services we do not charge a cleanup fee for overgrowth during this time. We’ve learned that some companies actually do but most reputable companies will not. But we also do not provide a discounted monthly bill being that we will be required to do extra work on our next visit.

Instead we have come up with several other options for you to take advantage of which are listed below. These options will be made available to you on June 19th. An email and text message will be sent out to each of you discussing the following options:

-A credit of $25 can be applied towards the install of lawn edging borders around your flower beds. This includes materials and installation. Total cost would be $65 after the credit has been applied. See more photos here:


- $15 can be applied towards your next shrubbery trimming.

- $20 can be applied towards your next tree trimming.

-$20 can be applied towards your next pressure cleaning service.

-$50 can be applied towards exterior painting service.

You will be able to redeem this credit any time before December 31, 2017.

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