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Payment Form for YouthNBA Camp
sponsored by BW Property Management Group

Hello Everyone,

It is now time to submit payment for your child to attend the Experience Summer Camp! We are looking forward to giving each kid the experience of a lifetime!

Please note that your payment for the Experience Summer Camp is due and should be paid by May 31, 2016. Please click the link below to make your payment. Payment should be made as early as possible so that we can order your child's Summer Camp t-shirt. We will be sending you an online order form on June 1st so please be sure to complete the form right away, it takes less than 2 minutes. There is no additional fee for camp shirts.

Simply click HERE and enter the amount you are paying based on the option you want.

Amount to pay
$145  per child (no lunch);
$175 per child (with lunch included).

When asked what the payment is for simply enter your kid's name. Examples:"John Smith" , "John & Tyler Smith", "John & Tyler".



AFTER you have completed the steps above please click HERE to complete the order form for your childs YouthNBA Summer Camp T-Shirt. There is no additional cost for your child's shirt. Only one shirt per child!

If you need assistance please text or call Victor Rodriguez at 407-556-4976.

Thanks in advance,

Coach Victor Rodriguez

Coach Ric Brignole
Coach Solomon Williams

on behalf of the Experience Staff

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