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Painting Procedure & Guidelines


**High Demand Alert** Please allow us 4-5 days to follow up with you once your request has been submitted. In the meantime please be sure to get your HOA's approval of your color selection as this will help speed up the process. My team looks forward to painting your home! -President, BW Management

BW Painting Procedure & Guidelines


In order to provide superior quality along with our guaranteed best price, we have prepared the following painting procedure and guidelines for you to review. This document helps to ensure that each client is made aware of the BW Guidelines and can rest assured that they are receiving the best service that a company could provide.

Pricing Guarantee: We guarantee to provide the best price to paint your home when compared to other professional painters. If you find a lower price we will honor that price plus take an additional $100 off the price you were quoted. We stand behind our work and take pride in being able to provide the best pricing in town.

Pricing: $1199-$1599 for most single story homes (paint included), $1699-$2099 for most two-story homes (paint included): Paint is provided by Sherwin Williams: Super Paint Satin. Note: The final price will not exceed the price range indicated above but we ask that ALL clients be aware that  the condition and time required to finalize touch-ups will determine your final price. In the event that a job requires extra work due to upgrades, more detail work required, or extra add-ons requested, we will make you aware of the price change ahead of time. All client's save a minimum of  $1k on exterior painting so we ask that no attempts to negotiate on the pricing be attempted. Other professional painters charge $1.25-1.50 a square feet while requiring add-ons for most  painting jobs to be  fully completed. Please feel free to compare pricing before requesting painting.

What Gets Painted: House Body, Trim, Soffits, Downspouts, Garage Door, Front Door, and Back Door.  You may request to add painting of your patio and other concrete areas for an additional cost. 

Here are the steps to our exterior painting projects once you have approved us to begin work:

  1. Your home will be pressure cleaned to remove all debris/dirt. This ensures that we are painting on a clean surface.

  2. We will then caulk and seal any visible cracks. This ensures that your home appears  as close to new as possible after painting.

  3. Your home will then be painted by our Blue Team. Our Blue Team painters are part of our in-house painting crew and will do everything possible to cover every inch of your home to perfection. Note: Our Blue Team was hired to save you money on the cost of painting your home as most sub-contractors charge much higher rates for this process.

  4. Once painting is completed by the Blue Team, one of our property managers will do a walk-through of your home personally. If everything appears fine, we will then schedule to do a final walk-through with you.

  5. Any issues found during the walk-through will be covered by our Red Team. Our Red Team is managed by one of our sub-contracting companies that will retouch any areas of the home that can't be handled by the Blue Team. Our Blue Team typically completes 98% of all jobs without the assistance of the Red Team.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We do not accept down payments or require payment from our clients until work has been completed. Once work has been completed successfully, payment is due within 24hrs and is typically paid on-site during the final walk through or upon approval.

Paint Warranty: All paint comes with a minimum 5 year warranty. Our paint is provided by Sherwin Williams. Type: Super Paint Satin.

Benefits of Super Paint Satin: Includes a sealant, water resistant, mildew resistant, and includes a sheen to protect from fading and dirt.

Service Warranty: If any issues occur as a result of the labor work provided by us we will be happy to correct any issues. We provide a 1-year warranty.

Year 2018: We painted more than 120 homes within 6 months. This year we will paint approximately 500 homes!

View some of our projects here.

What's next? Please be sure to get your colors approved ASAP by your HOA!

We look forward to being of service to you.

Solomon Williams


407-901-2423 (office)

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