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Help for Harvey Victims - Relocation to Orlando

At BW, Our mission has always been to help as many people as we can whether it be through employment or saving money for homeowners. Today, we would like to reach beyond Central Florida.

We have decided to make efforts to hire lawn crews whose families have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. We would like to provide relocation assistance, temporary housing, full access to company vehicles, as well as the basic necessities needed to get the families situated in their new city - Orlando Florida. We are prepared to hire lawn crews to join our in-house lawn staff as well as join the teams of some of our sub-contractors.

In order to do so we would like to ask for your support in contributing whatever you can. For those that are unable to contribute, our payment processing company, Square Inc.,  will give you $5 back when you download the Square Cash App and donate $5 to this cause... making your donation of no cost to you. They'll also match your donation of $5 whereas we receive a total of $10.

Note: We have also set up a GoFundMe page where you can send your donation which can be found by clicking here.

We have already modified our job posting to indicate we are hiring lawn crew leaders that were affected by the Harvey Disaster. We also have one of our very own, Carlos Lucas, already in Texas to assist with this effort. Lastly, we have reached out to Juan Marin, one of our subcontractors located near Houston to provide his assistance as well.

To make your donation, please click the link below. If you are unable to give, please send $5 so that Square Inc. can refund you the $5 that you donated. If you are able to give more, it will truly go a long ways.

Once we have identified the crews we are hiring we will provide a video showing the families or individuals once they are settled into their new city.

Blessings to all and we hope that each of you find it in your hearts to contribute to this effort.

Solomon Williams

(President of BW Property Management Group)

To Donate using our GoFundMe Page: Click Here.

To Donate using Square:  Click Here

To Donate and Receive Your $5 Cash Reward From Square:

1. From your mobile phone, download the Square Cash app by clicking here

2. After downloading the Square Cash App, scroll down and enter your Rewards Code before sending your donation. Enter the code: LBWGCPH. $5 will be fully reimbursed by Square, Inc. if you are a new user.

3. Enter Your Amount & choose Pay. Then search for $HarveyRelief1. Or you can simply revisit this page and Click Here to Donate


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