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Key Benefits

  • No Down Payment

  • Order in Minutes

  • Delivered to Your Door

  • Great Savings (low monthly payment, lower insurance rate)

  • Option to switch before 3-year period

BW Property Management is pleased to announce it has partnered with GO Subscription, LLC. to offer car subscriptions to residents and networked affiliates. Residents will receive $250 off their first month’s car payment which is set to begin as early as today. Other incentives are also being discussed as part of a long term partnership plan.

“I am proud to be working with Michael Beauchamp, CEO of GO, as there is great synergy between what his company is offering and what our clients want,” states Solomon Williams, CEO of BW. “We believe the traditional method of purchasing a vehicle is archaic, draining, and lacking the real-time aspect other industries have taken advantage of. GO is filling that void and we want to help them lead that change over the coming weeks and months ahead,” continues Williams.

Through the GO service, customers in available markets can order their car completely online in under 5 minutes and save up to 25% per month. There’s no down payment and no hidden fees. The entire process is handled virtually without stepping foot in a physical location. In most cases, cars are even delivered to the customer’s home at no charge.

GO is the first company to offer a car subscription service geared specifically toward daily drivers, unlike previous car subscriptions that focused on swapping vehicles and short-term use. With significant advantages over the typical car buying process, GO’s innovative model brings evolution to the industry and represents a new paradigm for car shopping.

“GO was created to streamline and simplify an antiquated process. Customers win thanks to technology and efficiency driving our unique business model,” said Beauchamp.

BW expects to learn a lot from GO as it will be rolling out it’s used vehicle subscription program in June which will be available exclusively via the Pay.How mobile app. This program is geared towards low-income families in an effort to compete with high interest Buy-Here Pay-Here dealerships.

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