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Updated: March 30, 2020

Hello to all Community Residents,


In an effort to fight the ongoing pandemic we will be placing an order for  2,000 rapid test kits developed by AYTU BioScience within the coming weeks based on availability. The test kits developed by AYTU allows for our residents to schedule in-home testing by one of our hired nurses without the need to leave their homes. More importantly, each test conducted only takes 2-10 minutes and doesn’t require any lab work. 


After we finalize our first wave of testing, we will be ordering 10,000 more rapid tests to ensure we have enough to test entire families, including your extended family that may not reside at your home.


We plan to keep a minimum of 1,000 test kits on hand at all times for future testing of residents as needed.  


“At BW Property Management we truly care about the health and wellness of each of you. As we fight this pandemic together, we will also come out strong together”.



BW Property Management Group

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